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At Chatty Therapy, we provide a variety of services to fit your family's needs. Our qualified speech-language pathologists provide assessment, consultation and treatment in Edmonton, Alberta. If you are unsure where to start, contact us and let us know what you are looking for! 

Come meet us! Got questions, concerns or unsure where to start? Book a free 15 minute consultation with a SLP. Get recommendations on possible next steps

Come learn about infant and child development with other parents.

Access speech, language and feeding therapy tailored for your child and your family. In-home & virtual options available.

We offer research-based and specialized therapies. Our therapists have additional training and certifications.

Formal Assessments

Assessment services provided for accessing funding or diagnoses. 

Informal Assessment/ Consultations

Have benefits for speech-language pathology? Get a quick check-up to see if your child's speech and language development is on track and if they are meeting their milestones. Learn how you can continue to support your child's development!

Are you waiting for public services? Learn strategies and get activity ideas for how you can support your child "while-you-wait".

Which service should I choose?

Does my child need speech, language or feeding assessment or therapy? 

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If you have not had a speech, language or feeding assessment yet, start with a free 15-minute consultation! Speak with a speech-language pathologist to see if your child is on track for there age, or if additional assessment would be helpful! 

Research has found that parents often have a really good sense of when something might not be progressing as it should be in their children. We encourage you to reach out to us and book that free consultation if you have any questions or concerns! We can quickly let you know if there is nothing to be worried about, or if therapy and/or assessment would be beneficial. The "wait and see" approach can be harmful if a child who needs support does not get the help they need. 

I am looking for a speech-language pathologist to support my child. I have already had a SLP assessment and I am wondering which type of therapy session to choose. 

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We have options for parents who want a speech-language pathologists to work one on one regularly with their child. Our clinicians always provide home practice ideas so that we can reinforce the concepts and gains made in our sessions. We have in-person/in-home or virtual therapy options. We also offer sessions in 30 mins, 45 mins and 60 mins. You can read more here.  


We also have options for parents who want support to learn how to work with their children themselves. With this option, we would meet with you and your child to model the activities and strategies to work on each goal area. We will send you resources as well as a written guide for what was discussed in the session. Then you would practice yourselves at home! You can rebook another session whenever you feel like you need more ideas and support to continue challenging your child. 

Let your therapist know what you are looking for! We are here to support you and your child's development.