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Feel relief about your child's eating

Mealtimes should be an enjoyable and fun. If you feel stressed and anxious about your child's eating, we can help! Our highly qualified feeding therapists offer support to babies, children and families. Get support today to help your child's feeding get back on track. 

Feeding Therapy in Edmonton, Alberta

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Feeding Therapy for Babies and Children

Our feeding therapists are registered speech-language pathologists or registered occupational therapists. Our therapists help infants or children who have difficulties with eating. 

Eating Cereal

Picky Eaters & Limited Food Repertoire

Does your child only eat a small number of foods? Help your child feel comfortable with trying new foods!


Our therapists work to increase the variety of food groups and textures that your child will eat. We can help you feel less stressed about finding foods that your child will eat. You shouldn't need to prepare a different meal just for them! 

Baby Eating Food

Starting Solids

Has it been tricky introducing solids? Is your baby refusing more advanced textures or "stuck" at one stage? Starting solids is a huge learning experience for our babies!

Our feeding therapists show you how to help your baby be comfortable with solids. Our therapy helps your baby develop the oral skills to eat solids and also enjoy eating. 

Feeding the Baby

Infant Feeding

Does your baby take more than 30 minutes to finish eating? Are they constantly "snacking" throughout the day?


We can help optimize your baby's latch and efficiency with sucking and swallowing. 

You're not alone!
Our Feeding Therapists are here to help.

Eating Therapy

Our therapy sessions are fun! Learning to eat new foods is hard, so we make eating fun. Your child will develop eating skills through play. We use a low-pressure approach to facilitate a positive relationship with food. This ensures your child feels comfortable with eating and helps them be open to trying new foods. 

Feeding Therapy

Our feeding therapy is customized to your family's needs and values. We incorporate your family's unique foods, daily schedules and cultural traditions. 


We work with you to support your child's eating based on what is important to you.

Convenient In-Home
Food Therapy

Get help at your dinner table! Our therapists come to you! Mobile or virtual therapy is convenient for busy families and new parents. 


Feeding therapy is the most effective in the same environment where your child typically eats. Your child's eating will improve faster  because therapy was done at home! ​

What do we work on in Feeding & Eating Therapy? 

Oral Motor Skills

mouth muscle movement

  • Tongue movement

  • Lip movement

  • Jaw movement

  • Drinking

  • Swallowing

  • Ability to manage texture

  • Latching onto the nipple


set your child up for success

  • Mealtime routines that support your child's natural hunger cues

  • Supporting your child's posture and positioning while they eat

  • Structure the environment to decrease sensory overwhelm and stress

Emotional Factors

making eating fun + safe

  • How to encourage your child to try new foods without getting into battles

  • Modify the way we talk about food to decrease the pressure, negativity and demands around eating 

  • Increase your child's tolerance of new and unfamiliar foods

How to get started with Feeding Therapy:

Located in Edmonton, Alberta

Free consultation with a feeding therapist

Get a free 15 minute consultation with a feeding therapist! Wondering if you should be concerned about your child's eating? Ask questions and understand if feeding therapy and professional help would be beneficial. 

Book a free 15 minute consultation now! 


Get help for picky eaters & children who won't eat

After your free consultation, you can decide if feeding therapy would be helpful for your family. If you want to start feeding therapy, we will start by understanding your child's eating skills. Then, we will work together to create an customized treatment program for your child.  

Our therapy is play-based and focuses on helping your child develop a healthy relationship with food. 


Learn & Try Strategies

Check out our resources for parent tips and tricks, and also information on speech and language development. 

Get feeding help today! 

Get the help you need today. Don't continue feeling stressed and anxious about your child's eating. Enjoyable meals together are possible. 

Book your free 15 minute consultation now!

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