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Get Started with Therapy

Convenient & Tailored to your needs

We want to partner with you, to support your child's speech, language and feeding development.

Three convenient options for your family:

In home Sessions

Our therapists come to you! We provide therapy in the comfort of your home.


This option lets us show you how to use what you already have to help your child. Home therapy sessions are more effective leading to faster and longer lasting results!




Virtual Sessions

Have therapy sessions online! Get effective therapy without the hassle of travelling and save on travel fees. 

This option is great for older children, or parents who are looking for tips to try on their own at home.

Community Sessions

Our therapists see your child at their school or support them in community settings (e.g., grocery stores, mall, church).

This option is great for busy families who don't have much time during evenings and weekends for therapy. Community sessions are also great if you have specific concerns about your child's ability to participate outside of the home.

Rates and Fees:

Initial Assessment

Get a baseline of your child's strengths and areas of opportunity. 


1 hour of direct assessment time, written report, & phone follow up.


Treatment Sessions

1 hour.......................... $150

45 mins....................... $120

30 mins....................... $90

Direct billing now available for select insurers/benefit companies. Click here to learn more. 

Travel Fee

We calculate the total travel time and bill at a rate of $60/hour.

How to get started:


Fill out our website form

Let us get to know you! 


Create an Online Jane Profile & Complete Consent form

Your child's online profile will let you access the consent form, appointment information and reminders, and your session notes.


Book Initial Assessment! 

After we have received your forms, we will email you to book the initial assessment! 

Have questions? Feeling unsure?

It can be overwhelming to know what is best for your child or where to start. We're here to help! 

Book a free 15 minute phone consultation with a speech-language pathologist. Let's chat about your questions and your child's speech, language and feeding skills. We can help you figure out some next steps that you are comfortable with and if your child would benefit from therapy. 

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