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Edmonton, Alberta

We can help you talk and understand better.
We can help you connect 
and communicate with important people. 

We can help!

Happy Senior Couple

Talk to partner

Zero Waste Store

Talk to strangers


Talk to children

Friends Working Out

Do activities

Gardening Together

Talk to grandchildren

Reading a Book


Happy Senior Couple

Talk to friends

Writing on a Paper


Speech & Language Therapy for Adults

Speech-Language Pathologists in Edmonton, Alberta

Friends in Restaurant

Speech Therapy

  • Talk clearer

  • Say more words

  • Talk slower

  • Talk louder

Playing Foosball

Language Therapy

  • Share more thoughts

  • Have conversations

  • Understand more

  • Read & write better

What do we do?


Phone Call


  • Free

  • Ask questions

  • Learn more about therapy

Speech & Language Assessment

  • We find your strengths and areas of need 

  • We give a report to your doctor and family 

Private Speech & Language Therapy

  • Get help from a speech-language pathologist

  • We come to your home

  • We work with you 1-on-1 in your home

How to start therapy

Woman on Her Phone

1) Book Free Call

Free 15 minute phone call

Female Patient

2) Book Assessment


Home schooling

3) Start therapy.

Get help from a speech-language pathologist

We can help you!

Just for you
  • Your therapy is made just for you

  • We work on what is important to you

  • We use what you love to do

  • We help talk with your important people

Outside World
  • We help you in the outside world

  • We can help you: 

  • Order coffee​

  • Grocery shopping

  • Talk with grandchildren

  • Talk with friends

  • Talk with new people

Convenient In-Home

Get therapy in your home

No driving

We come to you

+1 587-316-9877

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