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Halloween Monster Guessing Game

Prep Time:

Number of Participants:

5 minutes


Activity Time:

10 minutes

Area Supported:


Language, Children

4-9 years old

About This Activity

This activity takes minimal prep - just print the pages, cut them out and you have your own easy "board game". Take this board game to restaurants when you need to keep your children occupied, or take it out when you have a lazy weekend day at home.

This Monster Guessing game also involves describing and negation! In this activity, your child will start thinking identifying, labelling and describing attributes of their monster. They will also develop skills around categorization and grouping monsters that have similarities. They will need to ask questions about different categories of descriptors. For example, they will first need to ask about colours, then each of the facial features, and then what the monster is doing.

Our printable also includes a visual support guide for children who might need some help with knowing what questions to ask. The visual support guide separates out descriptors in the different categories to help them organize attributes.

Materials Needed

  • Free printable

  • Printer

  • Scissors

  • Game Tokens (e.g., coins, chips) or print and cut out from printable file


Step 1

Download all 5 pages of the activity.

Step 2

Print the file in colour

Step 3

On the page named "Guessing Cards": Cut out each monster along the bolded black line. You should have 16 separate monster guessing cards.

Step 4

If you do not have your own game tokens, use the page called "Game Tokens". Cut out each game token along the bolded black line. You should have 16 separate game tokens.

Step 5

You are ready to play the game! Go to our blog post to see the instructions

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