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Fall Scavenger Hunt

Prep Time:

Number of Participants:

1 minute

1 or more

Activity Time:

20 Minutes

Area Supported:


Language, Children

2-5 years old

About This Activity

If the weather is nice, take this scavenger hunt sheet outside! Go on a nature walk and see how many items you can find that match the description. If you have two kids, turn it into a friendly competition! Or you can even do this activity while you are grocery shopping or at the mall! There will be lots of halloween and fall decorations and items to look at. This would be a great activity to keep your child occupied while you're running errands.

Our scavenger hunt sheet includes describing words and fall fringe vocabulary. In addition to knowing the names of things (nouns), children also need describing words (adjectives and adverbs) to communicate their thoughts and form complex sentences. We can also help our kids by introducing them to fringe vocabulary. Fringe vocabulary refers to specific words that are relevant to our current environment and surroundings. Fringe words are words that come up less frequently in general, however are very common during a specific situation or time. During fall and halloween, fringe words like witch, pumpkin, scary, glowing, or haunted will be frequently used. Describing and fringe words are important for your child to know so they can have conversations and participate in all the fall and halloween activities during this season. Doing this activity will expose them to the meaning of words so that they are more comfortable using this rich vocabulary! This will also give them good opportunities to practice thinking and making associations about the words.

Materials Needed

  • Phone (with the markup function)

  • Optional: Printer (if you want to print this out!)


Step 1

Save or screenshot our free mobile-friendly fall scavenger hunt for kids!

Step 2

Go on a nature walk or go to the store with halloween or fall decorations.

Step 3

When your child finds an item, use the "markup" function on your phone to cross it out. Your child will LOVE scribbling out the circles.

Step 4

Help your child think of other words to describe the item. Here are some other fall describing words: breezy, dancing, crumbling, brisk, changing, moist, scattered, rustling, eerie, haunted, gruesome, spooky.

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