Supporting your child's speech, language & feeding development and help them reach their full potential.

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We partner with parents to help their child reach their full potential. 

How to get started

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1) Book a FREE consultation

During our initial free consultation we can help you figure out if you and your child would benefit from support from a speech-language pathologist! 

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Engaging and research-based services. We work with you to find the best fit! 

3) Assessment or treatment

We aim to provide engaging, effective therapy to improve your child's skills.  We help you feel confident about supporting your child's speech, language and feeding development.

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Help us get to know your child's skills and areas of need. 

2) Complete Intake forms

We identify the areas your child is doing well in and the areas where they might need more support. We also determine if your child has the skills expected for their age. 



Areas of Practice

Happy Baby

Skills Before First Words

Child In Speech Therapy

Speech Delays/Disorders

Eating Cereal

Feeding & Picky Eating

Babies in Playroom

Late Talkers

Stacking Blocks

Language Delays/Disorders

Caring Child





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